A territorial marketing project devised and developed by MÀGINA for the Province of Rimini, working jointly with the Tourism Marketing Agency of the Rimini Riviera, Rimini City Council, the Coastal Product Union, Rimini’s Federico Fellini International Airport and Rimini Reservation.


The project involved Dutch and Italian journalists, experts, historians and tourism operators, with the aim of creating a permanent operative network between the territory of Rimini and the Netherlands. The central theme of the project was “The Other Rimini”, promoting a protected and hidden territory that over the years has maintained the authenticity of its values, remaining a precious jewel to be shown with pride to potential visitors.
The network has developed a web platform that acts as a powerful system for sharing and updating information, identifying needs and facilitating long-term business relations. The platform promotes stable and structured relations between the Rimini Riviera and the Dutch tourism and corporate travel market.

Actions implemented:

  • meetings and workshops with journalists, experts and tourism operators from Rimini and the Netherlands to exchange opinions and deliver information
  • creation of a web platform with a database with information on all network members/participants and the acquisition and analysis of operator needs
  • observatory on the trends and expectations of the Dutch market, with periodic updates

Radio interview

Radio BNR – News radioWonen en werken in Rimini
By Paul van den Linden

Articles in PDF format

Pasta alla Rimini
by Merlijn Tol
Rimini Meer dan alleen zon, zee en strand
by Joost Brantjes
Event Branche
Rimini, het betere Toscane!
by Ellen van Ree
Historisch Niewsblad
Gouden tijden voor de Condottieri
by Annemarie Laven

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