Devised and directed by Rob H. Budde

The archetype of the Mother Goddess and the value of femininity were the inspiration for this festival that involved all the residents of the municipalities of the Consortium of Tindari-Nebrodi.
Meticulous historical research conducted in collaboration with Professor Renato del Ponte of Genoa University provided the basis for the event, which made an important contribution in allowing this part of Sicily to rediscover its Greek and Roman origins.

The archaeological sites, streets, squares and gardens of Tindari were skilfully lit to create natural backdrops for poetry readings, new performances of ancient theatrical texts, and rites and customs lost in the distant past.
The famous artists who enriched this journey into the mysteries of Tindari included Giorgio Albertazzi, who for the occasion presented his performance of “Romamor”.
The festival was first held in 2008, with the second edition appearing in 2009. The 2011 edition is currently being planned.

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