Knowledge in itself is not sufficient to generate change: change comes from self-awareness and from the awareness of personal actions.

A highly articulated interactive training project, created for 350 Unicredit ‘s middle management officers of a major banking group, and inspired by Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence quadrant.

Self awareness
Social awareness
Self management
Relations management

A year and a half of work, during which analyses of behavioural models, the dynamics of conflict and interpersonal communication, were complemented by direct experience, revealing constant parallels directly applicable to the professional realities of the managers involved, each of which was asked to choose two paths to follow.

Although sharing several basic elements (instruments for reflection, highly involving learning experiences, checks and assessments), a specific path was assigned to each objective, allowing participants to interact with extraordinary opportunities, like the possibility of searching the historical archives of a small sovereign state, collaborating with chess champions and experimenting the arts of theatre accompanied by professional actors.

At the conclusion of the workshops, the aim of group reinforcement and growth was not only totally achieved, but it also convinced the participants to counter the original objective with their own challenge.