“When you want to build a ship, don’t start by gathering timber, cutting planks and assigning jobs, but rather awaken within men the desire to sail the vast and infinite sea.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

In one of the loveliest and modern tourist harbours of the entire Mediterranean, situated in a magnificently strategic position for all lovers of sailing and leisure boating, we created an absolutely exciting team-building activity for the Volvo Trucks Group.

Collaboration, creativity and the sharing of skills were the watchwords for each team, and using recycled materials, participants built their own original boats for a challenge on the ocean waves.

Everything they needed for the ambitious project was available in the generously equipped workshop or from the emporium, and they were also able to count on the assistance of qualified professionals for both technical and decorative hints.

The boats built were then judged by the staff for appearance, construction methods, efficient use of the available resources and their capacity to float. The final phase of the contest was held at Rimini Marina, and only the boat that crossed the finishing line before all the others was able to enjoy the sweet scent of victory.

But the true conquest was that of being able to complete a magnificent session of teamwork, in a spirit of shared enjoyment and healthy competition.

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