For the sea has no country, either, and belongs to whoever will pause to listen to it, here or there, wherever the sun dies or is born.

Giovanni Verga

There’s a whole sea of interesting things, sometimes so many that it can be easy to lose the way and wander aimlessly. Awareness and imagination are essential to give shape to the destination to be reached.

We first set sail in 1995 with motivation projects for the American market, and over the years we’ve become regular consultants to Italian and international groups for the planning and management of communication events and interactive training programmes.

In our projects we start from the curiosity to learn and understand people and the many challenging situations we encounter.

We listen and become involved, we analyse and are fed by our passion, and are always lively participants in the interpretation and transformation of needs.

This is why, when they ask us “What do you do?”…
Every time our spontaneous reply is… “We work for YOU.”
we work for you…on what you are,
we work for you…on what you do,
we work for you…on what you want,
we work for you…on what you want to achieve.
And with our contribution we turn “YOU” into “US”, always different, always unique.

Màgina is member of the network

Your Event partners in Italy
A network of 10 agencies – 79 meeting experts – 10 different italian regions.

Network and membership

Rimini per i Congressi
Project for the definition of the Congressional Services Quality Standard.

Figli del Mondo
Figli del Mondo is a non-profit association that aims to work with companies, public bodies, professionals and private citizens recognizing the significance and value of a different way of doing business, in which organizational, programming and economic skills are employed in favour of the entire community.
The principal objective of the activities fo Figli del Mondo is Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became formally part of the European Union programme with the European Council of Lisbon in 2000, and it can be understood to be the application of corporate policies capable of reconciling economic aims with essential social and environmental targets for the territory involved, promoting sustainability for the future.

In other words, demonstrating a responsible commitment to our work and our activities by means of concrete actions.

In the past, event organization mainly meant surprising, impressing and entertaining participants with the communication of “special effects”: there was someone who created the event, and someone who experienced it.

Today, the surprise in events is created together, and derives from the values and the message that participants take home with them. The winning company is the coherent company that presents good practices and pursues a culture of social responsibility, the company that enjoys the challenge serving advanced consumers, the conscious protagonists of evolving market trends.

The key to success lies in listening, and the winning tool lies in sharing.

Màgina supports responsible and sustainable events

Our part of responsibility comprises:

  • rigour and discipline in pursuing a coherent approach to values and transparency in interactions with our clients, our collaborators and all the persons we involve in our projects;
  • continuous commitment to respecting the environment in which we live and work;
  • voluntary participation in a network of associations engaged in the promotion of corporate social responsibility, with the aim of constantly updating our offer of innovative actions to clients and sharing them to develop progress and benefits for society.