For the sea has no country, either, and belongs to whoever will pause to listen to it, here or there, wherever the sun dies or is born.

Giovanni Verga

There’s a whole sea of interesting things, sometimes so many that it can be easy to lose the way and wander aimlessly. Awareness and imagination are essential to give shape to the destination to be reached.

We first set sail in 1995 with motivation projects for the American market, and over the years we’ve become regular consultants to Italian and international groups for the planning and management of communication events and interactive training programmes.

In our projects we start from the curiosity to learn and understand people and the many challenging situations we encounter.

We listen and become involved, we analyse and are fed by our passion, and are always lively participants in the interpretation and transformation of needs.

This is why, when they ask us “What do you do?”…

Every time our spontaneous reply is… “We work for YOU.”

we work for you…on what you are,

we work for you…on what you do,

we work for you…on what you want,

we work for you…on what you want to achieve.

And with our contribution we turn “YOU” into “US”, always different, always unique.

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