Fantasy is like jam, it needs to be spread on a solid piece of bread to be realized.

— Italo Calvino

Awareness and imagination: these are the keys to realize one’s reality. From 1995 Magina has been working towards new objectives by uniting its experience and creativity.

Born as a company to coordinate events predominantly for the American market, Magina soon became a key consultant to national and international players for the organization of communication project and training activities.

Magina’s work revolves around interpretation. The art of understanding and actualizing its clients’ ideas and necessities. This is a job that cannot be disentangled from a proactive listening of its clients’ requests and requirements, with the end goal of translating needs into solutions.

In creating projects and events, Magina combines awareness and creativity. The challenge is always to grant its clients solutions which they can call their own and see as representative of their beliefs. A challenge that can be only won through an act of profound trust and understanding between Magina and its clients.

Responsible Commitment

Integral part of this mindset is undoubtedly corporate social responsibility. With regards to this, Magina strongly believes in a company policy that brings together economic, social and environmental objectives.

At the base of this responsible commitment stands the belief that in today’s world future sustainability and a culture of social responsibility are of utmost importance and sustain a clear winning strategy.


In order to continuously provide fresh solutions to an everchanging specter of needs, one has to master his team working skills. Magina has always believed in the essentiality of collaboration and team work with its long-standing and trustworthy partners.

Magina is part of MIA (Meet In Action), a network of 10 companies and 79 professionals, spread through 10 regions of the Italian peninsula. MIA is the first network of Italian companies belonging to the meeting industry, key player in the congressional sector, incentive industry and event planning business in Italy.

Rimini for Congress” is a project aimed at the qualitative growth of the territory’s congressional offers. This conference-based production chain, nowadays synonym for quality work throughout the territory, operates since 1994 in the meeting industry with the goal of promoting the Province of Rimini as the ideal destination for national and international conferences.

Magina is also a member of “Figli del Mondo”, a no-profit association working with companies, corporations and institutions – private and professional individuals aware of the true meaning and value of an out-of-the-box approach to the working realm. A mindset where one’s organizational, planning and economic skills are devoted to the wellbeing of the whole community. The aim of the projects developed by “Figli del Mondo” is always corporate social responsibility.