A new scenario on which to build an innovative, immersive and captivating customer experience also from remote.

Fellini 100

Fellini’s world brought by Màgina into the business events

The most innovative technologies applied to the world of business events | Face Mocap

The digital technologies are tremendous tools for the improvement of the company’s brand communication in terms of power and empathy.

Creating value | Strategy

Goals and strategies

Creating value | Beauty

Beauty and communication

Creating value | Uniqueness

The gift of listening

Creating value | Team

Be part of the team

Creating value | Perspective

Perspective and problem solving

Creating value | Experience

Experience and foresight

Training in incentive trips

Added value to the experience

Projects inspired by Art

Creativity for successful events

Camouflage: Ideas come to life

Interactive experiences

Only exclusive excellence

Conference in Bologna

5 experiences in Romagna

Unconventional projects

Incentive trip and territory

High-value impact on the territory

A convention with sensor technology

The new frontier in the events

A dream called Venice

Events integrated with the city

The Medieval Quintain

A challenge for experiential training

A very special Christmas

Magina’s creativity meets the Republic of San Marino

Opportunity for the territory

Events with a local flavour

New concept of communication

The launch of the new magazine

The Genius Project

An innovative team building program

Green Events

Environmental innovation and social benefits in events

The experiences to enjoy your EXPO 2015

10 ideas to sink into the Expo 2015

Regenerate to restart

The objects are the result of a training and design programme followed by a dynamic company, which has reinvented itself.


A new network of Italian agencies dedicated to the meetings industry.

Licia Ronzulli Parlamento Europeo

My Italy

As sometimes happens, just a single image can allow you to see a whole story behind it.

Talking about Bureausaurs

Who the public servants are who never clock out of the office even a minute after their appointed time, but what’s certain is that there are lots of them. And event organizers are always at risk of coming across one or more of them. Here’s a story as just one example.