Noosfera is the digital interface, developed by Magina, created with the goal of bringing the experience of the social encounter back to life, even at a distance.

This platform allows you to directly engage with a virtually unlimited number of participants and share with them the values ​​and performances of your brand, across nations, cultures and media platforms. “Track your participants activity live and understand their needs, desires and trigger points” with mixed, hybrid or remote events. A distant and selective audience able to interact live through surveys, gaming, faq, galleries, videos, and live reactions. All at the touch of a button on our customized dashboard.

The 2021 season with new levels of flavour

The challenge launched by PERNIGOTTI was to reach and “really” involve customers from 14 countries, in 7 different languages, at a time when proximity is impossible.

Magina’s choice was to use its own Noosfera Platform to create a world in which clients were able to see and to listen to a real television program, with the same rhythm, the same accuracy of the messages and the authentic spectacularity of the contributions.

Thousands of clients from all over the world were able to view all of the company’s new products. They were granted the possibility of downloading catalogs, emotional videos, tutorials and recipes, all while being able to ask for information, samples and placing orders. All in one, seamless platform.

The realization of the entire broadcast involved the RAI studios (National broadcaster) and the technology of the “unreal”.

Magina’s directors and technicians identified the best ways to get the most out of the contributions from the company’s speakers, which were recorded in a green room.