To create is to cross the borders we set ourselves. One’s imagination often overtakes reality, yet it is technology that gifts us with the possibility of conceiving the unconceivable. Strap-in and be ready for a whole new world.


The reality in which we are living is posing us the challenge to reinvent the modalities with which we meet, engage and share.

These times allow us to re-consider the «whys» and the «hows» of our engagement with others and to define new tools to share our contents at a distance while amplifying our experience behind the physical borders.

Simultaneously, it is still paramount to communicate the Brand to one’s clients, colleagues and Stakeholders. These moments offer the unique opportunity to exchange visions, emotions and experiences which need to be carefully retained and treasured.

A new platform on which to build an innovative customer experience, immersive and captivating also from afar.


Our goal is to activate, share and improve the efficiency of new and innovative mediums of communication and participation. We do this through

  • An extended participation. Our idea is to merge the virtual mindset with one’s communication plans and needs. All while mantaining the focus on the extended event.
  • An all new and extended stage where to simultaneously involve two publics: one live and one in remote.
  • The creation of a tailor-made experience built on creativity and technology that bring together the most suitable and effective instruments currently available on the market.
  • A very complete digital project that engages the public before, during and even after the event.


The re-defined borders and the need for innovative and dynamic solutions have converged into the birth of a novel project: NOOSFERA. A concept born from the collaboration between four different realities, all with the same longstanding attitude: #realizingtheimpossible.
A team of professionals whose strenghts came together in the ideation of new forms of omnichannel communication.

MAGINA 20 years of experience in creative planning and strategic consulting for corporate events

CONTROL ROOM Live production and security management of large events

OCTAVIUS Merging technology and design through light set and virtual video design

BEAR COMMUNICATION Grafic and communication experts for a highly aesthetic and successful marketing campaign

NOOSFERA is much more than your average technological platform. This tool merges the creativity, directing capacities and communication skills of professionals who have adopted these as their longstanding and accomplished core businesses.


NOOSFERA’s newest formats stem from the networking and digital expertise of the four companies and allow for highly engaging, hybrid events that can be either held fully online or with a number of chosen participants safely participating live.

  • Advanced Broadcast
  • Interactive Multivision
  • 3D Settings
  • Realtime Virtual Set
  • Motivational Tools
  • On-Demand Video
  • Video 360°
  • Omnichannel Live Direction


Our innovative virtual reality allows for an immersive, persistent and highly emotional transference of content and messages with the end goal of promoting new products, achieving strategic objectives or facilitating an engaging brand experience.

Augment the real world with digital elements.

For example, the on-demand video allows the user, who is following the event in remote, to choose his preferred framing and angle of sight, granting him the opportunity to become his own director. The public in remote will be able to choose from an array of contents by scrolling through an interactive dashboard. This will allow participants to personalize one’s point-of-view and experience the event in a number of 3D settings.


Our solutions offer the possibility to track and monitor the participants’ answers in real-time. In addition, they allow the production of live reports, as well as informative documents, on the reported experience of the public in remote.

Engage with participants in real-time through activities and games.

With our platform our clients can bring forth the true spirit of their project, enhance their brand awareness and, at the same time, build their network. All of this while monitoring and gathering data on their participants’ experiences.


NOOSFERA makes use of the technologies developed by Brainstorm.

An award-winning company specializing in 3D interactive graphics for films and live presentations. Known for its spectacular use of innovative technologies, Brainstorm is acknowledged as the market leader in its sector and is a trusted partner of NOOSFERA.


Maria Grazia Sapigni

tel. 338 6890499  |  email gsapigni@magina.it
skype grazia.sapigni  |  web www.magina.it