Magina’s creativity meets the Republic of San Marino

Magina’s creative genius, Rob Budde, has been chosen as the artistic director of the 2015–2016 edition of the “Christmas of Wonders” in the Republic of San Marino.Natale-San-Marino-835x626

Thanks to the inventiveness that is one of our vital qualities, the most important event of San Marino’s winter season will be enhanced by new fascinations to attract the public, increasingly preferring to participate actively instead of just being spectators.
Rob has come up with a host of new ideas for the forthcoming event. No longer presented as a single format, it will feature a programme focusing on five key points, with different dynamic elements for every period. The dual aim to offer visitors a new, stimulating and exciting experience every time they come, encouraging them to return for other visits, and to attract sectors of the public with different interests.
Original, interactive and sensitive to our planet’s needs, Christmas of Wonders 2015–2016 will be an enchanting event in which the future comes alive with captivating digital entertainment, the beauty of images and a special attention to environmental sustainability.
Starting on 28 November and running through to 6 January, this long event will be present a Christmas travelling along parallel but different tracks, an event that aims to raise the awareness of the public with a simple but profound message: not just entertainment and Christmas markets, but also a Christmas made of interactive experiences and with a wealth of stimuli.
A totally renewed project that acts as a homogeneous whole uniting the ideas, creativity and professionalism of our team, which will assist Rob in every single phase.
A programme that changes every weekend, inviting visitors to return to enjoy all the different attractions offered, and with a particular attention on sustainability, recycling, and a return to nature and essentiality.
And as the slogan of the promotional campaign tells us… Imagining it isn’t enough! Come and live it!

Project Manager