A concrete campaign and a concrete opportunity to move “Towards the Future”

The CIICAI Consortium, a leader for over 30 years in the field of air conditioning, plumbing, rainwater goods and allied sectors, believed very strongly in this project, which in Italian we decided to call “L’anno che verrà” (The Year to Come), inspired by the audacious and volcanic creativity of the late Bologna singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla, and in English “Towards the Future”.

The project started in December 2012 as an initial experimental experience in our “Think Social” campaign, in which Màgina offers company programmes aimed at enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility, tailor-made to suit the needs of each client to jointly develop a new, original and innovative style of communication.

Our proposal:
• We start from the production wastes of the participants’ company, applying the mechanisms of creative design to explore new channels of action and strategic communication.
• Use of the rationale of design for reuse, a practice that regenerates discarded wastes to give them new functions and status, as a stimulus to revitalize mental attitudes and rediscover the value of manual skills.
The members of the CIICAI Consortium were invited to participate in a series of workshops structured in five intensive meeting sessions, guided by a motivator/facilitator and a reuse designer, recognized at a national level and present at two editions of the Milan Furniture Fair. Every participant worked alone and in groups on the invention and production of a unique article of reuse design, using materials recovered from the CIICAI warehouses.
The results: the first CIICAI collection of reuse design products.

A heterogeneous team with no previous professional experience in creative design successfully explored a new direction, with great satisfaction and cancelling differences of age and personality in favour of a common goal. The collection comprises more than ten unique objects, each capable of promoting the real image of CIICAI far better than any conventional advertising campaign. These objects were made during a particularly popular design-for-reuse programme that cast a new light on various fundamental values of the consortium, like manual skills, craftsmanship and collaboration, but they also tangibly represent a company with the courage to reinvent itself. Pipes and fittings become a magazine rack, gaskets and packing wastes become lamps and coffee tables… creativity is the spark that triggers new ways of thinking, and design is the goal to be reached to generate valid and effective results at the level of attractiveness and purpose.
The CIICAI collection was presented to all consortium members at the annual Christmas dinner, and this year the project will be repeated with a host of new features. We’ll keep you informed!

In the meantime you can consult the “Towards the Future” project schedule by visiting our portfolio or by downloading our catalogue.
And if you’d like to have a go at reinventing yourself by exploring and developing your potential, contact us!