We’re never scared of taking on a major challenge, and this is the spirit that lies behind all the projects devised and developed by Màgina.

For the second consecutive year, our director Rob Budde put his signature as Artistic Manager to San Marino’s most eagerly awaited event of the year—”Natale delle Meraviglie“! After the enormous success last year of Natale delle Meraviglie 2015–2016, with as many as 39 days of shows, performances, markets, concerts, exhibitions and many other events, it was no easy task to start planning another programme that would be equally successful.
But fortunately, thanks to our great experience and expertise in preparing events capable of astounding, involving and enchanting all participants and spectators, we were entrusted for a second time with the organization of one of the key moments of the republic’s year.

The theme that Rob chose was “A Starry Christmas”, and to bring it to life and emphasize the many highlights of the intense programme of entertainments, two extraordinary and unique attractions were planned as its main features.

The first of these was the installation in the republic’s main square of a massive Christmas star, with a height of 12 metres and illuminated with a total of 30,000 LED lights. Visible even from many nearby towns, this star fully captured the attention of visitors to the republic, imparting a message of peace and respect for the environment, as confirmed by the use of energy-saving LED technology.

Rob told the media about the star in an interview with Askanews, also published by Il Sole 24 Ore (link): “This year we chose a symbol of light, hope and beauty to represent the typical warmth of being together and sharing company at a time like the present, with its many disturbing episodes and frequent bad news. A message that is also one of environmental sustainability, thanks to our use of low-energy lighting.”

The second great challenge was to create the “House of the Star”, a traditional “spiegeltent” structure created in the Netherlands in the early 1900s, of which there are only four identical examples in the whole world. By day, the Spiegeltent, hosted Santa’s Magic Grotto, but in the evening it become a scintillating Cafe Dansant, with special events, food and wine tasting sessions and concerts. So Christmas and New Year visitors to San Marino were able to enjoy an exciting and exclusive experience of entertainment and amazing surprises.

Project Manager