Camouflage may be a defence mechanism adopted by animals, a technique of disguise in military applications, makeup worn to change us into someone or something else… but for us it can be used for fantastic interactive experience!

evento-albini11An experience that can be lived by guests, who stop being just spectators to play a starring role in the event. An idea that comes to life, an idea that allows participants to become a part of something different, until they disappear and merge with it.

We talk a lot with our clients, and their reply to our question of “What is it that gives your product its special value?” is invariably the same: “It’s the people who help to make it”. So we started wondering about how we could pay tribute to a product, and at the same time make employees feel a part of it.

Camouflage, a technique closely linked to the world of art, design and architecture, seemed to offer the perfect way of expressing the concept of being part not only of the company, but even of the product as well, and all this with the greatest possible communicative effectiveness.

The idea took form for the first time on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the Albini Group, an Italian company that makes and markets the finest shirt fabrics in over 80 countries throughout the world.

Our mission: to focus maximum attention on the product, and at the same time to involve guests in a series of interactive experiences. Mission accomplished! How did we do it?

evento-albini4By creating interactive islands allowing direct contact with the company’s core business (shirt fabrics), playing with it in an entertaining photo set, and discovering different ways of acclaiming and exalting its premium characteristics… for example, in the choreography of a trio of acrobats.

Guests wore shirts made from the company’s shirting materials, merging with them in a blend of amazement and magic. The experiences they enjoyed not only rendered a fitting homage to Albini’s splendid fabrics, but that also totally involved all participants.

Project Manager