“Distances don’t matter when people are important”

and for Bonfiglioli its BEST distributors are very important indeed.

The Bonfiglioli Group, with its 60 years of corporate history, has over 250 distributors at a worldwide level, and every year the distributors chosen as the “BEST” meet to discuss the group’s innovations, strategies and future targets.

And this is where our team got involved!
Aim of the project: experiencing points of excellence known only to an exclusive elite!

2No better venue than the city of Bologna, “Bologna the Red”, mysterious and with a host of exclusive secrets in its streets and walls, featuring people, places and gourmet specialities rich in history.

A hundred participants—naturally only the best—from all over the world, took on the challenge of Bologna for two days to discover its most deeply hidden points of excellence, and to find the message of the group’s annual conference, concealed in an ancient code.

They swapped their cars for comfortable footwear to walk around the old market in the heart of the city, because “the evolution of a place can be understood only by exploring its roots and discovering its soul” (Gabriele Crimsoning, journalist), and this is where there’s a place where history meets modernity: the historic Facile winery, where our guests were able to sample natural, organic and biodynamic wines surrounded by art nouveau furnishings and old wooden tables.

tortellini-dsc_0082Unique experiences, just like learning the ancient art of making Bolognese tortellini pasta, guided by a particularly special chef who opened the doors of his home to transmit authentic passions and culinary traditions. But Bologna is renowned not only for its fine food and wine, but also for its history and enigmas, so before climbing the steep stairs of the Prendiparte Tower, we asked participants to solve a puzzle to be able to reach the fascinating terrace, where a selfie with the other members of their team was absolutely de rigueur.

Our 100 guests thought they were going to pay just a brief visit to singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla’s Navile Theatre, but instead they were all invited to create a choreography on the theatre’s stage, which a couple of hours later became an extraordinary flash mob in Piazza Maggiore.flashmob-dsc_0244

After all these covert secrets revealed, we wanted to finish the day somewhere that our guests could discover Bologna’s most authentic spirit, entering reverently on tiptoe… and the Osteria del Sole, a tavern dating back to 1465 squeezed in between the city’s most traditional shops, amidst its mediaeval atmosphere, was the perfect choice.

What our tour round these points of excellence aimed to share with participants was the value and excellence that every one of them represents for the Bonfiglioli Group, because this great team is made up of a multitude of smaller teams of an outstanding level.

Project Manager