Events with a local flavour

To participate in a Magina event means to let yourself be swept off your feet by a unique experience and the wonders of the locations hosting the event, as each rendezvous takes on a dual role: addressing a theme and exploring the territory surrounding the venue.

This is precisely the concept that served as a starting point to organise the Tupperware USA Convention, where participants from all over the world were welcomed to a program of events steeped in a genuinely Neapolitan atmosphere.
A key moment, in the course of the first evening, was the visit to the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, and especially the Meridian Hall, where the Farnese Atlas sculpture shows Atlas kneeling under the weight of the globe. This section of the museum hosted a performance by acrobats who staged a veritable dance show.

The venue of the second evening was the magnificent Villa Campolieto, in the splendid city of Ercolano. The guests were welcomed by a sequence of 3D video mapping images projecting enchanted lights onto the facade of the villa, which, for the occasion, became a surface where to write an original and spectacular version of the history of the brand. The light show was accompanied by a special dinner and traditional Neapolitan music.
3D Architectural Mapping

You can view the entire video mapping performance at this link Youtube .

This exclusive event enabled the participants to discover the city of Napes, with its emblematic locations, its streets, traditions, its ancient culture perfectly harmonised with contemporaneity.


Project Manager