Interactivity for the speaker and even more involvement for the audience.

Conference events are now benefitting more and more from technological innovation to improve their organizational and management procedures, making them more efficient and offering participants an integrated and exciting experience.

What is this new frontier?

When we organized a corporate event for the launch of a new product and to celebrate ten years of extraordinary success for the multinational Oknoplast, a leader in PVC doors and windows with 2400 European sales points, we decided to hold it on the majestic cruise liner MSC Magnifica. 

How do you hold the attention of the audience of 600 clients and how do you transmit all the potential and value of a new product to them?

This is where a new sensor-based technology came to our assistance.Convention Oknoplast mar 2016 (8)

In the MSC Magnifica’s onboard theatre two 14-metre maxi video screens were erected, and to allow speakers to interact directly with the screens, four proximity sensors were also installed. These sensors made it possible for anyone on stage in front of the screens to scroll through images and enlarge graphics quickly and precisely without even touching the screen, thanks to a technology that is distinctly more advanced than even the touch panels of the latest generation.

The video screens are designed to ensure maximum image quality in indoor settings, with high luminosity and capable of capturing every single movement of the speaker.

Choosing to use the most advanced technology available is the perfect way to communicate all the advantages of a new product with the greatest possible effectiveness.

And it’s exactly because we were able to organize our client’s communication with such a high content of advanced technology and such a high emotional impact that our event has been included in the new immersive catalogue of MSC Crociere, presented as a world first in a virtual version.

The continuous exploration of innovative technologies is a constant feature of our work, and it’s not the first time that Màgina, with and for Oknoplast, has implemented original and highly advanced ideas, actions and instruments to achieve a unique and striking style of communication (just take a look at our Oknoplast in flight and Oknoplast Convention in contact with dolphins projects).

Project Manager