Seven evenings of sheer beauty with guests from all over the world.

It was a spectacular September for the Luxury Living Group, when the city of Forlì’s Palazzo Orsi Mangelli provided the splendid setting for a particularly special event.
The mansion’s courtyard, where Baroque style blends with modern design, was brightly illuminated for seven evenings dedicated to customers from every part of the globe.
The Luxury Living Group, a leader in the sector of Italian luxury furnishings and lifestyles, invited its international customers to officially celebrate the inauguration of its new management headquarters in the 17th-century Palazzo Orsi Mangelli, recently restored by the group to its ancient splendour, and now a fine showcase for its iconic furnishings.
A location with nothing left to chance called for a sophisticated presentation, and this is why we enthralled guests with pure colour, avoiding cumbersome cables by using special wireless light projectors, the result of technologies just as refined as those featured in the group’s collections.
Columns, decorations and frescoes formed a perfect backdrop for the refined artistic performances chosen to entertain the guests during the seven evenings.
A piano decorated with 60,000 Swarovski crystals accompanied the magnificent voice of a soprano, and guest profiles became opportunities for elegant and entertaining interactions.
Every evening brought guests together in small groups, the protagonists of an event distinguished by sheer Made-in-Italy beauty.