Target: excellence

Early in 2011 we talked about taste and flavour, when 2010 Michelin Star Chef Stefano Ciotti, a true expert of excellence, accompanied 30 Tetra Pak’s young managers in an authentic exploration of research and experimentation.
Our budding cooks were asked not so much to dirty their hands and create, but more to take risks and face challenges, daring to combine new and unusual flavours.

A series of worktables with ingredients equal for all, and a resource table open to everyone to provide the same basic materials and utensils used to invent different dishes.

The aim of the programme was to liberate the talent hidden in all of us, which is the product of combinations of cultural and personal experiences, linked with the tastes lingering in our memories and with creativity.

Few exercises could be more effective for the redefinition of personal capacities and skills, the raw materials and fundamental tools for the reinvention of a new method for approaching work in the corporate environment.

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